Frog Prince Watercolour Canvas Print Design

Watercolour Frog Prince Canvas Print

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Product Description

With the help of a kiss, a frog can turn into a prince.

The ImagiWorkers love nothing more than the belief in fairytales and imagination. Our ‘Watercolour Frog Prince Canvas Print’ as part of our ‘Watercolour Canvas Prints’ range will brighten up your living space with the magic of this mythical fable. Our Watercolour Canvas Print and Design range is perfect for any bedroom, living room, dining room or study area.

Crown Frog Prince Watercolour Design Print Melbourne


Recommended canvas print sizes:

– 20×20″

– 16×26″

– 12×12″

*.JPG & .PDF design file for print included only.

*Custom sizes available – for more information, please email


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