Ukulele daily corporate motivational royalty free audio track

Ukulele Daily Corporate/Motivational Audio Track

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Product Description


Get your ukulele’s ready – it’s time for another motivational message from ImagiWorks!

This time we present to you ‘Ukulele Daily.’ Pp-beat, quirky, ‘Ukulele Daily’ brings to you a happy splash of ukulele and laughter, fusing real world instrumentation with the sounds you’ve come to know and love from corporate/motivational music.

We kick off with the wonders of the ukulele before being introduced to a catchy glockenspiel/xylophone/spieluhr tune. The simplicity of the tracks’ drum beat provides for a seamless transition into any corporate backdrop.

As we break it down a little further, a cool acoustic guitar leads the way while playing together with a symphonic array of pianos, bass guitar and human whistles.

But the real winner of this Hawaiian corporate jingle is.. you! For you hold the key to unlocking the secrets to your next corporate/motivational video, right here in the form of ‘Ukulele Daily’!

*.MP3 & .WAV audio files included

* 320kbps, 16-Bit Stereo, 44.1kHz

* Main track length: 1:58


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