get up out of bed corporate motivational royalty free audio track

Get Up Out Of Bed Corporate/Motivational Audio Track

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‘Get Up Out Of Bed’ speaks for itself. At the mere introduction of it’s amicable piano melody, ‘Get Up Out Of Bed’ literally urges you to prepare for the pleasant day ahead.

Accompanied by an infectiously catchy human whistle, this boisterous rhythm combines the skill-set of the steel guitar, the pizzicato and the bell as it’s tossed in a blender and complimented with the final touch of a sliding bass guitar.

Throw a couple of hand claps and welcoming pieces of percussion, and you’ve found your next track, perfect for corporate/motivational video productions and the like.

*.MP3 & .WAV audio files included

* 320kbps, 16-Bit Stereo, 44.1kHz

* Main track length: 2:00


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